Speech Abstract

Mr. ZHANG, Tuosheng
Senior Fellow, Chairman of Academic Committee and Director of the Center for Foreign Policy Studies,
China Foundation for International and Strategic Studies

How to build a positive Sino-US-Japan trilateral relationship

A cooperative and stable Sino-US-Japan trilateral relationship is critical to the  peaceful development in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region today.  In the past two years, Sino-US and Sino-Japan conflicts have been on the rise, and the trilateral relationship has once again gone off course.  The repercussions brought about by  China’s rise, and America’s global strategic adjustments were the main causes.  This trilateralrelationship is once again at a crossroads.

During this tumultuous  period, the three nations have undergone changes at the highest level.  They have formed, or are in the process of forming their new governments.  The future policies of the three nations need to inject more cooperative elements, as well as take into account their potential conflict of interests.  The future of this relationship rests on the shoulders of the new administrations. How this is played out depends on the wisdom and foresight of their respective leaders

They are expected to introduce  a series of long-term and short-term strategies, avoid misjudgments, enhance mutual understanding, and improve crisis management  to develop a new order of mutual trust and positive interactions to achieve a win-win result for all.